Portrait Artist  Rick Timmons
Group Oil Portrait Mural
The Matt's Rancho Martinez mural is 17 feet wide, 6 feet high sits 10 feet above floor level. Personalities appearing in the mural include local Dallas, TV and Movie Figures. From left to right and top to bottom: Stella Martinez (in the arms of Elvis), Elvis Presley, Lizzie Ashworth (the waitress), Craig Schenkel (local real estate developer), Red Reynolds (guitar player), Blakkie Sherrod (Dallas Morning News Sports Columnist), Steve McQueen, Grant Lappin (Dallas Police Dept) Woodrow Call (Tommy Lee Jones of Lonesome Dove) Augustus McCrae (Robert Duvall of Lonesome Dove) Clay Reynods (author), Mark Miranda (Dallas real estate developer), Molly the Dog, Matt Martinez, Matt Martinez the III, John Wayne, Kid Chilleen (Lee Marvin from Cat Balou), Ron Kirk (the Dallas Mayor) James Dean, Meg Holly, Randy Galloway (Dallas Sports Columnist & Talk Show Host), Helen Bryant (social columnist for Dallas Morning News), Dale Hanson (WFAA Sports Anchor), Sam Elliot (from Roadhouse and scores of others) Clark Gable
Matts Group Portrait Mural
17' x 6'
Martinez Collection
Loco Gringo Studios - 614 N. Bishop Ave. Ste. 1 - Dallas, TX 75208 - 972-897-8309